“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew on many occasions as a private coach for my auditions. He is savvy, intuitive, and professional.  

He understands story deeply, as well as the human condition. I trust him to help me discover nuances and to guide me towards a deep connection in a short amount of time. Furthermore, he has a huge heart—which is reflected in his work and informs playful, truthful, and dynamic storytelling.” 


- Justine Warrington (Dragged Across Concrete, The Professor, Supernatural)

“Working with Andrew is very special. He has such a finally tuned sense of humans/humanity, highly perceptive and possesses a remarkable intuition with people. He is a warrior too, deep in his soul. But also such an incredibly warm energy - to have a bunch of Aussies open up in such a short time DEMANDS they trust someone 110%. And that was evidenced in his workshop. Everyone felt safe to be brave.”


- Pip Edwards (Home & Away, A Few Less Men, ANZAC Girls)


“Andrew has an amazing capacity to open you up, in a safe and respectful way. His ability to open up your heart, your mind, your breath, your emotions and your body is phenomenal. I respect his practise and his process immensely.”


- Zoe Terakes (Wentworth, Nine Perfect Strangers)

"Andrew is a phenomenal teacher who brings a wealth of wisdom from his extensive work with some of the top teachers around the world, which, along with his warm heart and incredible instinct, enables his students to flourish under his tutelage."


- Daniel Monks (The Seagull - West End, Teenage Dick - West End)


“Andrew is an intuitive, passionate and empathetic coach who is deeply committed to bringing out the best in his students. His classes are both challenging yet nurturing and helps you bring your own truth to the scene and connect with the character on a personal level such that the character becomes yours. He is a teacher that genuinely cares about you and your journey. He is someone who can sense your blockages and hesitations and will work with you to overcome them. He is also extremely generous with his time and knowledge and is someone who will make you fall in love (or back in love) with the creative process.”


- Erica Long (Amazing Grace, The Script of Life)

"Andrew Hofman is a coach that embodies everything you wish for in an acting coach and actor— intuition, clarity, depth of feeling, intelligence, empathy for others, and the joy of discovery. He is kind and gentle, and in turn uses "tough love" when the situation requires it. And all of this is connected. When he teaches, he connects to something higher. I truly believe, and have witnessed him as a channel-- for higher understanding, for the gods and goddesses of acting, for Spirit itself. He is truly special, and in working with you discover just how special and unique you and everyone around you are, too."

- Danielle Burgess (The Sinner, The Deuce - HBO, Law & Order: SVU,  The Blacklist)

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Andrew Guy.jpg

“Andrew is one of the most honest, passionate, and qualified acting coaches you'll find. He provides an environment nurturing enough to make you feel completely safe to explore, but challenging enough to find your own improvements and breakthroughs. He'll always commit to hold you to the highest standard. I highly recommend his personally devised classes.” 

- Andrew Guy (Still Point Turning - Sydney Theatre Company)

"Andrew Hofman's artistic intuition is simply remarkable! His gift at unlocking the truth and humanity to every character's story gives me endless creative empowerment every time I work with him. If you desire to give a memorable performance every time he is your go to coach!"

- Lauren Lloyd Williams


"Andrew is a phenomenal coach with an astounding ability to unlock the actors' instincts and to release their full potential. I've worked with him countless times and he always manages to help me ignite the truth in my work. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do not miss it. What he has to offer is second to none."

-  Conrad Le Bron

"Andrew Hofman nurtures actors to find greater depth and truth in performance.  His style of teaching shows his care for the art form and his students.  I have attended his class and must say that it was one of the best acting classes I have ever taken.  Although we were going to deep emotional places drawing on our own experiences I always felt safe and respected and able to explore. Andrew's care and guidance throughout the process was exemplary and his feedback practical and ego-free.  Every actor in attendance walked out with some new direction to assist them in their acting process.  Thank you Andrew for such a fantastic experience and for helping me to let go of facade to release a greater truth in my craft."

-  Katherine Hopwood


“Andrew creates a supportive environment that allows you to explore the depths of your truth and creativity. Through his knowledge of the craft, and his empathetic approach to each actor, he is able to guide you towards choices that are thrilling, truthful and unique.”


- Francisco Lopez  (Harrow)

Andrew Hofman unlocked a depth in my work that I had only found in fleeting moments of inspiration. He led me through to the self under the self and brought what was buried to the surface. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking to discover a deeper, truer perspective to their self and their art.


- Niels Hanrath

Niels Hanrath.jpg


"I truly think that I am offering you an opportunity to make a discovery.  His name is Andrew Hofman. On stage, he is a power to be reckoned with.  I love this actor’s instrument. I love his commitment, I love his intelligence, I love his humor... Yes I just love him."


- Susan Batson (Acting Coach to Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche and Oprah Winfrey)

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“Precious artist actor of my heart. It was an amazing journey and I saw you pop open into such rawness and depth. What power and grace. 
With delight and awe, I could have watched you for hours.” 

- Elizabeth Kemp (Acting Coach to Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Hugh Jackman)